Saturday, March 23, 2013

Well Isn't That Convenient?

As of 3/23 there is no news story on the fire, I will be checking daily for the next couple of days. I would like to say just how convenient it is that a large balloon payment of $258,125.89 is due on April 15 (read here if you want details of just how much money was needed in two short weeks to not lose another house). In addition to the impending payment let's look at all the other convenient things that occurred in The Great MckFire of 2013-

Comes home from trip that morning, yet has children spend night at grandparents. - Isn't that convenient
Computer magically breaks earlier in the week and needs replacement. - Isn't that convenient
Fire starts in the one of the kid's rooms, thankfully none of HER stuff is in there - Isn't that convenient

So these people manage to lie so much they get their bankruptcy denied, gotten in at least two car accidents  (one of which she had "internal bleeding"), drove a car into a ditch totaling it, had TWO house fires, and God only knows how much medical drama. I would be here all night listing all that. That's alot, alot of dramatic and traumatic circumstances to happen to one family. 

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ETA2: Picture of the fire damage - 
ETA 3: The big news article, all it is mentioned as is a structure or fire alarm - here

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  1. My friend's house burned down and there never was anything in the news about it, even though four fire departments responded and the house was a complete loss.