Saturday, May 14, 2016

Welcome Back!

A little background, this blog was opened up back in March 2013. I had my hand slapped by Anja at MWoP for posting "naughty" pictures and my informing people that Disqus does not actually filter the word bitch, that she had to go in and set a specific term to be filtered. After her deleting many of my comments I started this blog out of irritation. Six months later I had a bit of a following and we started crashing the blog. At that time I had a behind the scenes admin who helped move this blog to its own domain and hosting. When MWoP closed comments in January of 2014 MckFacts took off. We took on several moderators and put ads up to pay for hosting costs. 2016 began slow and only got worse, as Jennifer stopped blogging and went quiet the traffic at dwindeled. The ads began not even making the payout threshold and I was forced to pay out of pocket. This last time Mr. MckFacts put his foot down and I did not pay the hosting fee and went dark.

Thanks to some amazing people I have enough money to pay the hosting fees and will be able to get in there to get our documents and pictures next week. However, this blog will be the new MckFacts home. Until we start getting busy again I will not pay for hosting. It doesn't make any sense to pay for this, I would much rather use the donations for recouping my costs to make the Mister happy and donating the remaining money to a charity of MckFactors choice.

Please let me make this clear, I am MckFacts. Anything to do with this blog is owned solely by me and if the other blog is opened up for comments it is not being done with my permission. If this blog is moved again it will be posted on the MckFacts Facebook page. If you have any questions or concerns about anything please email me at At this point there is NO admin on this site, I am the sole owner and admin of MckFacts blog.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Temporary Blog Site for MckFacts

So if you made it here you know that is down. It will stay that way until hosting is paid for. With the amount of boredom that our fat friend is showing there is little to no ad revenue each month. We didn't even make the $100 threshold last month, and I cannot pay for this out of pocket any longer. The ads on Disqus are terrible and not worth having. I will put up the link to the gofundme below, but if we do not raise the money I will not be paying for this until the ad revenue comes out on the 23rd of this month.

I have paid out of pocket for this blog too much, and Mr. MckFacts has put his foot down about doing it anymore. 

In all honesty though, maybe it is time to pack it in. Jennifer will never change. She will scam, thieve, and lie forever without any serious consequences. The only thing I see this blog doing is forming a community amongst some of the readers. Let's be honest here, she doesn't blog so really this blog is kind of off base now. But I know people will miss reading and socializing with each other, so I leave it up to you if we want to continue. Perhaps changing things up a bit will help, but if I am perfectly honest I am losing interest in the Xyng slinging.

Anyways, if you want to contribute to get the actual blog up the link is