We will try to keep this as simple as possible -

Please do NOT discuss the children…

It is extremely important that we stop discussing the children entirely.  These kids are completely innocent and blameless in all of this.  There is absolutely no benefit for us [as strangers on the internet] to be discussing the kids.  It is important to remember that while we [all of us, you too] may not agree with the way Jennifer or Israel parent does NOT mean that the way they’re doing it is wrong.  We all have a personal preference, which means we will always have “our” way which we tend to always believe as the “right” way.
When it comes right down to it… some of those trivial things just do not matter.
…whether they’ve been bathed within the last day, are bathing now, or will bathe tomorrow.
…whether they’re wearing their own shoes or siblings’ shoes.
…whether they’re wearing a band-aid or have a scrape on their legs or arms or face, they are kids and these things happen.
…whether they are smiling, frowning, appear mad, or sad in pictures.
…whether the food is processed or organic, or whether they have five grapes or two with their lunch.
They are not our children and we know very little about them.  If there is one guideline you are going to follow; let it be this one.
We are not saying you cannot mention the children at all in your comments; we simply mean that there will be no dissecting the children in the same way we dissect Jennifer and Israel.

MckFacts [site owner] reserves the right to delete any comment without notice that does not adhere to these guidelines. If it becomes a habit from any specific person, it could result in being banned. If you see a comment that you feel should not be published, please flag it and we will be sure to review.

Again, dissection or discussion of the children in a negative way will absolutely NOT be tolerated.