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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Mckmama does Bora Bora

I have gone ahead and put Disqus back up. Now that I have adjusted to the new disqus I am hoping this will be an easier transition. I am sorry for those who wish to post as anonymous, but blogger does not allow pictures to be posted on their commenting platform.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Natives Are Getting Restless

Seems Xyng isn't working for all -

ETA: LMAO this one rocks! hahaha!!!!!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Many (many) Arrests, Tickets, and Court Dates

Today we learned that Israel McKinney was arrested. Again. On September 4 at approximately 9 am the police arrested him at their (her) home.

This got me thinking about past run ins with the law Mr. McKinney has had. Here is a short*** time line of arrests, tickets, and court dates










Here is an array of  other violations, if I list everything one by one we will need two pages :)

***I know there is more than these, if you have links for more information drop me an email and I will add them to the ever growing timeline

ETA: Another arrest - 

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Xyng Works Y'all!

Here is the flyer for the Health and Wellness Event held in Tennessee this weekend -

And here is a photo taken from this event-

Lastly, here is a comparison that WLSL from MWoP made-

Yep, Xyng works y'all! 80 pounds of weight loss? You be the judge

***Apologies for being MIA for these past few months. Summer has been crazy here at home with my kids. They go back to school soon so hopefully things will go back to normal (whatever normal is lol)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Under Construction

Bare with us while we make a few design/template changes.  

Things might look a little crazy for a day or so!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Squee! I lost 80 lbs Naturally!

Left was supposedly taken April 2013   Right picture was taken June 2013 

Uh huh. Yep. Sure.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Site Update

The Instagram page has been updated

CFD has been updated

Have a great weekend!

Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Check-In

Just a quick note to say we have added an Instagram page. It will be updated daily with pictures as they are posted.
We are throwing around ideas for new commenting formats, any suggestions please feel free to email
We now have an official Mckfacts email (don't forget the dot!)
We leave you with a funny picture that Ding Dong from MWoP made-

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Lies,Scams, and Xyng Oh My!

On Sunday MckMama posted this on her personal page-

Interesting enough, this was posted on another Facebook page THE SAME DAY!

WOW what a coincidence! Jennifer McKinney and Tyrone Parker got the exact same text message from the same person. On the same day. And if that wasn't enough, the following conversation took place on Jennifer's page -

Melinda xxx Did you change your diet too?
Sunday at 6:21pm via mobile · Like

Debby xxx ok so what is it
Sunday at 6:36pm · Like · 1

Jennifer McKinney Messaging you, Debby!
Sunday at 6:38pm · Like

Jennifer McKinney Melinda xxx I'll have to ask her. I'm fairly certain she followed the general outlined eating plan that comes with the supplements. Whether that is a lot different from how she used to eat or not, I'm not sure!
Sunday at 6:39pm · Like

Terri xxx ive been tryingto get more info from you for a while
Sunday at 6:47pm · Like

Scott xxx Hey Dawn xxxi, check it out!
Sunday at 6:48pm via mobile · Like

Sharon xxx The low carbs. Is a big help too
Sunday at 6:50pm via mobile · Like

Jennifer McKinney Terri xxx, I just sent you a video to check out. See what you think!
Sunday at 6:51pm via mobile · Like

Tanya xxx  My husband's uncle lowered his by 60pts in 3 days and hasn't needed insulin for a wk n a half!!
Sunday at 7:02pm via mobile · Like

Shirley xxxn As a diabetic, I can second that statement. My A1C is 6.4 and was 9.1.
Sunday at 7:07pm · Like · 1

Jill xxxs Yes, my husband started the products about a month ago and a combination of the supplements along with a lower carb diet has been amazing for his sugars!!! He has cut his insulin needs down by 30% so far!
Sunday at 7:08pm via mobile · Like · 1

Jennifer McKinney Tanya and Shirley, with these same supplements you mean!?
Sunday at 7:10pm via mobile · Like

Tanya xxx Yes!!!!! Sorry didn't clarify! And to top it all off, he lost 13lbs in his first 8 days!! Love seeing people change their lives!
Sunday at 7:12pm via mobile · Like · 3

Shirley xxx I am talking about our supplements. I have also lost 16.5 lbs and 13.25 inches.
Sunday at 7:14pm · Like · 2

Jennifer McKinney Tanya and Shirley, okay I thought so but wasn't totally sure!
Sunday at 7:18pm via mobile · Like · 1

Jennifer McKinney Melinda xxx I'll have to ask her. I'm fairly certain she followed the general outlined eating plan that comes with the supplements. Whether that is a lot different from how she used to eat or not, I'm not sure!
Sunday at 6:39pm · Like

How can she ask this person these questions? Who got the original text? Or is this a scam text their bigwigs are sending the distributors to use on their warm market?
Now let's look more at F3X,

They have the SAME products listed under Xyngular.

So it appears, in my opinion, that these are the same company? Again, if these drugs had such miraculous results why isn't it all over the news? Why did my Grandma never get these drugs to fight off her diabetes? If these drugs were so great why aren't the doctors prescribing this? And where does this F3X fit into this? Is this the next name that Xyngular products will be sold under? And most importantly, why are these wonder drugs not all over the news?

Monday, May 20, 2013

Wow Even Jesus Has Haters! At Least According to a Sheeple...

This was posted on MckMama's secret Xyngular page - (spelling and grammar was left intact)

I need a good support boost right now! So a dear friend just posted this to me. I know she cares about me but I hate when people jump in on something great you are doing to try to sound like they are an expert and know more than you. She texted me and told me that "I feel that the person selling that stuff to you has been proven to be dishonest about her own weight loss on that program" I love my friend but mood killer:

I just did a little research on this diet. It scared the crap out of me! How is this at all considered healthy, let alone safe? My husband got off his duff and WALKED 2 miles a day and lost 10 pounds in 7 days. He started monitoring his calorie intake and cut out the junk food. He still is walking and watching what he eats, and the weight is still coming off. I really urge you to do a little research on this, talk to a doctor or dietician because this is a very dangerous diet, my friend! Nothing should make you drop weight this fast unless you make a LIFESTYLE change is at all safe! Carbs=energy. As someone that can't gain weight due to health issues, I've talked to multiple doctors, specialists, and dietitians, AND went to college to gain a little education. This to me is a HUGE lifestyle change that could seriously hurt you. (in my opinion) I could take the information on this diet to my family doctor and ask him what he thinks (not for myself, but for someone trying to lose weight) and I'm pretty sure he would say this is not safe. But that's just me. I LOVE food. If I were to wake up tomorrow and weigh 300 pounds, I would probably start exercising. Just sayin'. I'm not trying to slam anyone here, I just care about my friend.

Lynn Jxxx Crazy how she said "not trying to slam anyone" but sounds like that is exactly what she is doing. Alot of people have asked their doctors about this program and have been told it is safe. What works for some may not work for all but there should be support. You are an adult not a child that is doing this.
2 hours ago via mobile · Like · 2

Hillary Hxxx My husbands blood sugar and hormone levels improved dramatically after 8 days of Xyngular. He is staying on it at his doctors request. A product that has treated his medical problems that weren't being able to be treated with prescription drugs is something I have to applaud. If she wants to think its unhealthy that's her choice, but we know better. We feel better, we look better, our lives are changed for the better.
2 hours ago via mobile · Like · 4

Erin Wxxx Tell the naysayers (friend or not) that while you appreciate their "concern", for now, this product is really helping you focus on your goal. Once you've reached a healthy weight perhaps you won't need these products as frequently, but right now they are doing exactly what yet are supposed to be doing, not just taking off the weight, but boosting your morale and confidence which, in my opinion is SO IMPORTANT! You look fantastic and are doing a TERRIFIC job! Tell you're "skinny fried who can't GAIN weight" to shove it where her carb-loving arse don't shine!
2 hours ago via mobile · Like · 3

Melanie Wxxx you HAVE to continue doing what you believe in for YOU...I'm sure your "friend" thinks she is helping, but not sure this is the kind of "help" you need. It sounds as though she doesn't think you are smart enough to have ALREADY researched this and decided it IS for you!! Keep on keepin' on ......success will be the best revenge!!
2 hours ago · Like

Paul Rxxx Please keep in mind she is a close friend of mine and she is just concerned about me. Please don't say bad things about her. Thank you. Myself and Jennifer have been talking to her.
2 hours ago · Like · 3

Pauline Hxxx Doctors are going to be naturally unsure of anything not FDA approved, not prescription, etc... They don't know the exact ingredients, it's like any other supplement they aren't going to endorse b/c they can't possibly know about all of them. All I know is I have energy and I'm losing weight at a slow but steady rate. That's what I care about!
2 hours ago via mobile · Like · 2

Therese Lxxxx Paul-I went through the same thing with a couple of people. My doctor for my thyroid fully approves. Just got my fasting blood work back and it was a beautiful thing!!!
2 hours ago · Like · 2
5 hours ago · Like

Faith Sxxx Kathy Straw What I don't get is that she said her husband lost 10lbs in 7 days but saying that you losing a lot of weight in a little time frame is not healthy. whether or not she thinks the "person selling you this stuff is being dishonest about her weight loss" the proof is every where that it works. The proof is in yourself, the proof is in all of us and many more. It is wonderful that she care so much about you but maybe you should share the nutritional facts and other such things about the products with her. you can't always believe what you "research" on the internet because lets face it there are a lot of negative people out there that don't want to believe that its healthy so they will say what they want to make people think its not healthy & just a scam. Or maybe you can talk to your doctor to just prove to her that you are being safe.
2 hours ago · Like · 1

Melanie Wxxx I'm sorry if it came across as saying something bad about her! I guess I was projecting my own feelings in response to her telling about how her husband lost weight without any help because "he got off his butt" hurts when others say things like that which implies that those of us that are using these products are just too lazy to get off our butts and just do it...most of us have tried and tried other diets and excerise programs and have failed so to find something that works and when we succeed on this program we naturally want to share our success, not be told we're taking the easy way out...I'm sorry if I offended you in any way...not my intent at all, just trying to encourage you to do what YOU feel is best for YOU!!!
2 hours ago · Like · 1

Paul Rxxx I understand Melanie. I totally agree with you.
2 hours ago · Like

Kathy Sxxx To add. If you have been following Jennifer McKinney's journey from the beginning from when she was still blogging you know that there are a lot of people out there that have a lot of negative things to say about her and about these products because they don't believe her. After I ordered my products from Jennifer I attempted to do "research" and just typing in xyngular or Jennifer's name can bring up a lot of hater web pages that have a lot of negative and hateful things to say about Jennifer and Xyngular. You know what you are going through and what you've experienced, your friend does not.
2 hours ago · Like · 3

Kathy Sxxx as far as the getting "off your butt" comment. I personally have been more active since taking these supplements then I have been in years. I do Zumba a few times a week. last week alone I was active and exercised 5 out of 7 days (which is saying a lot for me)
2 hours ago · Like · 4

Hillary Hxxx Better yet a pharmacist. Pharmacists know more about ingredients than doctors. Tell her you will take the ingredients list to a pharmacist or send her the list so she can ask a pharmacist, if she's really concerned for your health.
about an hour ago via mobile · Like · 2

Pauline Hxxx Not to toot my own horn (but kinda) I ran a marathon yesterday! I'm certain I wouldn't have had the energy to train & keep up with life without xyng. If that's not healthy, I don't know what is!:)
about an hour ago via mobile · Like · 5

Jennifer McKinney Toot away, Pauline!! That's awesome!!!!
about an hour ago via mobile · Like · 5

Christall Rxxx I dont know any of you nor do I know Jennifer.. I have a friend Sara Evans who started these products and when i saw her success then i decided to try Xyngular too.. Glad I did... I've lost 31lbs since March 11th... probably could be losing more(I've slacked a bit but havent gained any back either)... I dont share my journey with negative people. If they become negative then the conversation stops!!
about an hour ago · Like · 2
5 hours ago · Like

Faith Sxxx Hillary Hall Also, she seems like maybe she just wants to debate or ague about it. If you talk to her in a defensive tone It may seem like you have something to hide. Calmly respond and respond with facts in a kind tone and manner, like I know you will! Sometimes it's just hard to respond calmly when you feel like someone is trying to belittle what you are doing! Good luck Paul! I know if she is a good friend she ultimately wants what's best for you, and right now, this is making you feel your best! If you were feeling sick and weak we'd have a different story, but you feel great, you look phenomenal and it shows in the way you are living life!
about an hour ago via mobile · Like · 2

Katy Hxxx When people start in on me, I ask them "Where did you get your ingredient list from?" And then of course they say "Well I don't have one but..." Mmhhh!! They get their "info" off the Internet or make assumptions about the program from their ignorance. I've read the Xyngular hater sites- I know what they're saying! And 9 times out of 10, it's things like "it just can't be good for you", "chemical-laden diet pills", "pyramid scheme", etc..., which we all know to be untrue. They quote no scientific research about the actual ingredients or program, only opinions and critique from what they hear from the Internet! They don't take the ingredient lists to their doctor. They accuse Jennifer of pushing these on people and telling them things like "it's safe, you don't need to talk to your doc" which is 100% false. We are all taught (and should know anyway!) to encourage people to talk to their doc if they have ANY concerns. That's ALWAYS my recommendation if they're on scripts or have questions about interactions. Remember, people project their limited knowledge about "diet pills" and "scams" on this. Not all diet program are created equal!! Have confidence in YOUR research.
about an hour ago via mobile · Like · 7

Katy Hxxx My daughter's step-mom found out she was doing an 8DC with me and approached me. She was nice about it but still concerned. I explained everything to her, and finally she said "I trust your judgment." Sometimes it hits close to home and you have to be ready with knowledge and armed with patience and love for people that just don't understand how awesome this is yet!!
about an hour ago via mobile · Like · 3

Jennifer McKinney Wow Katy you big paragraph up there was SO well said!!!!!
about an hour ago via mobile · Like · 2

Jennifer McKinney you = your
about an hour ago via mobile · Like

Floyd Axxx Honestly, there's lots of Haters out there and there's lots of filth on the Internet. A good friend and mentor of mine told me that if you Google Mother Theresa and Jesus, you will find lots of negative, hateful info about both of them. So, instead of trusting or believing in everything we see and read on the Internet, we should make our decisions based on getting to know one another on a more personal level. Also Paul, the more weight you lose and the more success you have--the more haters you will attract. They are just jealous of your success and probably have lots of bitterness in their own lives.
about an hour ago via mobile · Like · 5

Amber Mxxx I feel your pain my SIL posted on of those. " People should just lose weight the old fashioned way there are no magic diet pills, etc, etc" Its very unnerving
about an hour ago · Like

Hillary Hxxx As someone who did lose the weight the old fashioned way I wish I would have known about Xyngular. It took a long time! It was very frustrating, and if you think about it, all the ingredients found in xyngulars supplements are "old fashioned" and from the ground! If I knew there were natural ways to spur on my weight loss and boost my metabolism, boy I would have jumped on that train!
about an hour ago via mobile · Like · 4

Katy Hxxx That's true Amber! There are no "magic diet pills". Just like there are no "free magic diet pills" right!? Lol
about an hour ago via mobile · Like

Floyd Axxx It's funny to think of Jennifer McKinney as a drug pusher. She's my personal pusher and I am addicted--I keep coming back for more, LOL!
about an hour ago via mobile · Like · 5

Amber Mxxx Exactly!! I tried for months on my own and couldn't lose anything. I was starving myself. Now I can eat and lose weight! Don't give up!! I had some ladies at the gym tell me today that they could see a huge difference since I started a few months back. Its always encouraging when someone else notices your progress. Don't let them haters get you down!!
about an hour ago · Like · 2

Katy Hxxx What people don't understand is what God intended us to eat as food. It's not frozen pizza or Doritos or soda or 98% of the crap in the grocery store. It's whole foods. Herbs. Fruit. Vegetables. Nuts. (Meat is debatable because of the fall but we won't...See More
about an hour ago via mobile · Like · 4

Kathy Sxxx You know and even with xyngular you still have to eat right. I'm not starving myself but if I eat more then I should I gain just like when not dieting. The biggest thing for me is that they help to control my out of control appetite.
about an hour ago via mobile · Like · 2

Sue Bxxx Pics and testimonials do not lie Paul. I have a friend too who just can't believe that this is safe and thinks I'm damaging my body by losing 14 pounds in a month. Those of us with Metabolism B who gain weight due to a hormone imbalance cannot lose we...See More
53 minutes ago via mobile · Like

Sissy Pxxx my husband showed the ingredient list to his cardiologist and to his primary care physician and was given their blessing without reservation!!!! to date he has lost 28lbs and although that doesn't sound like much since January it's huge considering his...See More
41 minutes ago via mobile · Like · 1

Sue Bxxx Love your last post Katy Howard Cordell. Well said
24 minutes ago via mobile · Like

Amber Mxxx Kathy Straw I agree I don't dread or avoid working out now because I have the energy to do it and still keep up with my house and kids!
21 minutes ago · Like · 1
5 hours ago · Like

Sunday, May 19, 2013


This fabulous picture was made by MWOPer Ding Dong In Ditches. For some reason it is being deleted off of MWOP with no explanation. I find it hysterical because it could be anyone's foot! I guess only some things are considered personal attacks. Consistency people, consistency.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

New Design... Opinions!

What do you think about the new design? 

There are still a few things we want to change and update, reorganize as far as the information on this blog, and the layout/design.  So bare with us!

If you have any suggestions or things you'd like to see here, please feel free to comment and let us know!!


Saturday, May 11, 2013

Nothing Says Happy Mother's Day Like You're Fat!

Here you go mom, I think you are FAT so here are some "health and wellness" supplements aka Diet Drugs!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

MckMama is Packing Heat

So Mckmama decided to go to a shooting range

This does not mean that these two assclowns are getting a gun or already have one, but I think it's important to think about just how bad of an idea it is for them to even think about being gun owners. We are talking about parents who have told many stories of their children getting into sharpies and coloring all over walls, faces, legs, etc.
Below is an excerpt from one such incident -
Arm & Hammer Spinbrush Challenge 
Started by MckMama , author of MckMama4/25/2012 1:30:10 PM
"But I was not going to buy something that permanent for my children who, well, are not so careful with permanent things.
Except with permanent markers, that is. Things had gone so well in the Sharpie department for so long until about two weeks ago. A bored Small Fry, a red marker and her bedroom. But I'll give her this: She did not color on the walls. That she obeyed that rule she made clear to me. But she left her John Hancock on pretty much every other thing in the room. Classy."  - Link

Parents who admit to being lazy -

And this is just the tip of the iceberg, I could sit here and list thousands of incidents that show that they have no business anywhere near guns. It scares me to even think about a gun in a home with these two incompetent fools in charge. Chances are that it was just a reason for her to start some controversy on gun laws, but it still is concerning as so many children get a hold of firearms that are not properly locked up every single day.

Below are some excerpts about current gun laws in Wisconsin, Click HERE to read all the laws 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

You Must Be So Proud

This appears on a pictures blog with the subject being Parenting Fails. Oh how they called that! But look at the name of the person who submitted it. LOL no it wasn't me, and I doubt it was MckLiar either, but someone pulled a funny.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sleeping Selfies, MWoP Bitching, and Photo Shop Fun

Since MWoP seems to be run by incompetent idiots who deleted my picture for no reason, I will no longer post them there. I will save my photo shop for here where power hungry people who feel that now is the time for censoring and being polite are NOT welcome.

LOL I was told that "personal attacks" go against MWoP's TOU. What the hell are the 1000's of comments there daily? Double Standard much? So it is ok to call her a pig just not show a picture of a pig. OK and FYI the image I put on MWOP was just a pig, there was NO HOODIE.

What 35 year old "woman" takes selfies of herself fake sleeping? Idiot.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Xyng Fling Video Links - We are Family Karaoke -  Her "business" speech

The top bar has a link to the new MckFacts You Tube account, look for a couple parodies of both these videos coming to a monitor near you.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

MckMama Xyng Call

 She discusses how her insane income allows them to repay their debt instead of filing bankruptcy, but no mention that is because it was denied. I stopped it as the first person was talking about their favorite product, really all that was is these clowns reading off the website about these stupid drugs.

Part one -

Part two -

Edited to Add: I was unable to listen to this on Firefox for some reason, you need to use Chrome or IE, both of which I tested and work fine.

ETA 2: Is there any interest in the other people? Other than the part of her saying she doesn't give her kids anything but the juice the rest is boring as hell. Let me know in comments if anyone wants to hear any of the rest.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

I'm Skinny Now! Sorry You Can't Handle That

These pictures were posted by our Scamming Friend today-

Because I am a "hater" and sick of watching this piece of crap scam people out of money while owing hundreds of thousands of dollars to every Tom, Dick, and Harry I blew this picture up. You be the judge -

Then we have these two pictures posted of our fat friend a mere two weeks ago -

Wow that Xyng is a MIRACLE! It removed all the belly fat! In.Two.Weeks. 

Jennifer, you have lost weight, a lot a lot actually. And you look good, but you are still an ugly person on the inside. And no I'm not a hater, just someone sick of watching you skip around telling boldface lies to everyone and anyone. Pushing these damn drugs on special needs childrens parents, or telling people it is safe for breastfeeding mothers. Saying how it is all natural. Well guess what? It's not! Just in case you forgot, here is the link to the "all natural ingredients".

Disqus has been removed from this site. I cannot deal with it another day, sorry. Comments will be set to not allow anonymous comments. Any issues please email me at 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Well Isn't That Convenient?

As of 3/23 there is no news story on the fire, I will be checking daily for the next couple of days. I would like to say just how convenient it is that a large balloon payment of $258,125.89 is due on April 15 (read here if you want details of just how much money was needed in two short weeks to not lose another house). In addition to the impending payment let's look at all the other convenient things that occurred in The Great MckFire of 2013-

Comes home from trip that morning, yet has children spend night at grandparents. - Isn't that convenient
Computer magically breaks earlier in the week and needs replacement. - Isn't that convenient
Fire starts in the one of the kid's rooms, thankfully none of HER stuff is in there - Isn't that convenient

So these people manage to lie so much they get their bankruptcy denied, gotten in at least two car accidents  (one of which she had "internal bleeding"), drove a car into a ditch totaling it, had TWO house fires, and God only knows how much medical drama. I would be here all night listing all that. That's alot, alot of dramatic and traumatic circumstances to happen to one family. 

ETA: I am removing Disqus next week. I cannot stand the new layout and it is constantly putting both Disqus and Blogger comments up. It will be set to not allow any anon commenters.

ETA2: Picture of the fire damage - 
ETA 3: The big news article, all it is mentioned as is a structure or fire alarm - here

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Xyngular Safe for Special Needs Children?

On March 13th Xyngular held a phone call where people could listen to testimonials how Xyng products have helped with their special need children. The link to listen to the call can be found HERE Warning, it is 53 minutes of complete and utter BS.

If you have no interest in torturing yourself with an hour’s worth of lies and contradiction I will give you a list of things Xyng can help with –
Lose weight
Gain weight
Aspergers Syndrome
Oh and it’s safe for breastfeeding mamas! (See the post HERE on the ingredients for Xyng and where the labels say it is NOT safe)
At the end of the call the leader quickly throws out the name of a "group" called Xyngular Exceptional Families. I found it on Facebook -

Jennifer, you have pulled a lot of shitty stunts in the time I have been following your trainwreck of a life, but this is by far one of the worst I have seen. I knew Xyngular was a scam, but the BS I heard on that call was reprehensible. 

Friday, March 8, 2013

Just Sayin'

This scamming grifter had the audacity to make this comment about a waitress she encountered at a Waffle House, and then allowed her disgusting sheeple to also make rude comments about this woman  -

This coming from someone who has over 3700 dollars in unpaid dental debt!

Hey you deadbeat, freeloading, deceitful, cheating, perjury committing, defrauding, liar who lies ALL THE TIME you are a disgusting piece of shit. This woman has a job, something your lazy ass hasn't had in years. This woman more than likely doesn't owe almost a MILLION dollars in debt. You think it's just fine to post about people's appearance? Fine, let's talk about yours-

You're FAT, ugly, have man hands, balding, have horrible skin, wears clothing that is meant for a teenager, have ugly feet, and have the deadest eyes I have ever seen. And just because the occasion calls for it, I am pulling out this old tag I made. I feel sorry for the poor animal, being compared to you is cruel.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Liar, Liar, Size 8 Pants on Fire!

This picture was posted on Jennifer McKinney's Instagram  and then on Facebook. From the angle of the picture you can't really tell a difference. That is until you do a side-by-side comparison, and especially when you do a close-up.

And of course when questioned about the obvious differences we get a BS excuse and the standard "haters" response

This was posted on MWoP, perfect response -