Saturday, March 30, 2013

I'm Skinny Now! Sorry You Can't Handle That

These pictures were posted by our Scamming Friend today-

Because I am a "hater" and sick of watching this piece of crap scam people out of money while owing hundreds of thousands of dollars to every Tom, Dick, and Harry I blew this picture up. You be the judge -

Then we have these two pictures posted of our fat friend a mere two weeks ago -

Wow that Xyng is a MIRACLE! It removed all the belly fat! In.Two.Weeks. 

Jennifer, you have lost weight, a lot a lot actually. And you look good, but you are still an ugly person on the inside. And no I'm not a hater, just someone sick of watching you skip around telling boldface lies to everyone and anyone. Pushing these damn drugs on special needs childrens parents, or telling people it is safe for breastfeeding mothers. Saying how it is all natural. Well guess what? It's not! Just in case you forgot, here is the link to the "all natural ingredients".

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Well Isn't That Convenient?

As of 3/23 there is no news story on the fire, I will be checking daily for the next couple of days. I would like to say just how convenient it is that a large balloon payment of $258,125.89 is due on April 15 (read here if you want details of just how much money was needed in two short weeks to not lose another house). In addition to the impending payment let's look at all the other convenient things that occurred in The Great MckFire of 2013-

Comes home from trip that morning, yet has children spend night at grandparents. - Isn't that convenient
Computer magically breaks earlier in the week and needs replacement. - Isn't that convenient
Fire starts in the one of the kid's rooms, thankfully none of HER stuff is in there - Isn't that convenient

So these people manage to lie so much they get their bankruptcy denied, gotten in at least two car accidents  (one of which she had "internal bleeding"), drove a car into a ditch totaling it, had TWO house fires, and God only knows how much medical drama. I would be here all night listing all that. That's alot, alot of dramatic and traumatic circumstances to happen to one family. 

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ETA2: Picture of the fire damage - 
ETA 3: The big news article, all it is mentioned as is a structure or fire alarm - here

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Xyngular Safe for Special Needs Children?

On March 13th Xyngular held a phone call where people could listen to testimonials how Xyng products have helped with their special need children. The link to listen to the call can be found HERE Warning, it is 53 minutes of complete and utter BS.

If you have no interest in torturing yourself with an hour’s worth of lies and contradiction I will give you a list of things Xyng can help with –
Lose weight
Gain weight
Aspergers Syndrome
Oh and it’s safe for breastfeeding mamas! (See the post HERE on the ingredients for Xyng and where the labels say it is NOT safe)
At the end of the call the leader quickly throws out the name of a "group" called Xyngular Exceptional Families. I found it on Facebook -

Jennifer, you have pulled a lot of shitty stunts in the time I have been following your trainwreck of a life, but this is by far one of the worst I have seen. I knew Xyngular was a scam, but the BS I heard on that call was reprehensible. 

Friday, March 8, 2013

Just Sayin'

This scamming grifter had the audacity to make this comment about a waitress she encountered at a Waffle House, and then allowed her disgusting sheeple to also make rude comments about this woman  -

This coming from someone who has over 3700 dollars in unpaid dental debt!

Hey you deadbeat, freeloading, deceitful, cheating, perjury committing, defrauding, liar who lies ALL THE TIME you are a disgusting piece of shit. This woman has a job, something your lazy ass hasn't had in years. This woman more than likely doesn't owe almost a MILLION dollars in debt. You think it's just fine to post about people's appearance? Fine, let's talk about yours-

You're FAT, ugly, have man hands, balding, have horrible skin, wears clothing that is meant for a teenager, have ugly feet, and have the deadest eyes I have ever seen. And just because the occasion calls for it, I am pulling out this old tag I made. I feel sorry for the poor animal, being compared to you is cruel.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Liar, Liar, Size 8 Pants on Fire!

This picture was posted on Jennifer McKinney's Instagram  and then on Facebook. From the angle of the picture you can't really tell a difference. That is until you do a side-by-side comparison, and especially when you do a close-up.

And of course when questioned about the obvious differences we get a BS excuse and the standard "haters" response

This was posted on MWoP, perfect response -