Friday, March 8, 2013

Just Sayin'

This scamming grifter had the audacity to make this comment about a waitress she encountered at a Waffle House, and then allowed her disgusting sheeple to also make rude comments about this woman  -

This coming from someone who has over 3700 dollars in unpaid dental debt!

Hey you deadbeat, freeloading, deceitful, cheating, perjury committing, defrauding, liar who lies ALL THE TIME you are a disgusting piece of shit. This woman has a job, something your lazy ass hasn't had in years. This woman more than likely doesn't owe almost a MILLION dollars in debt. You think it's just fine to post about people's appearance? Fine, let's talk about yours-

You're FAT, ugly, have man hands, balding, have horrible skin, wears clothing that is meant for a teenager, have ugly feet, and have the deadest eyes I have ever seen. And just because the occasion calls for it, I am pulling out this old tag I made. I feel sorry for the poor animal, being compared to you is cruel.


  1. Hysterical and oh so true. Jennifer McKinney is a cow.

  2. What happened to Mckmama Truths? It's not there!