Monday, February 25, 2013

Rebirthday. Again.

On February 24, Mckmama put up this Facebook status 

Video link - 

Why now? Stellan's actual birthday is on October 29 and his "rebirthday" is November 9. Why in February is the Miracle Child card getting pulled? Probably to divert attention away from some impending drama, but watching that video actually made me nostalgic. 
I remember all the times I refreshed her blog, checked Twitter constantly, made Stellan name pictures, bought a damn giftcard and sent it to her, and constantly prayed for and thought about that little boy.
Those feelings of nostalgia quickly turned to anger when I decided to go back and reread the tweets from back then. I have screen copied them for you all, this crap right here is why I finally realized what a conniving, manipulative woman Jennifer McKinney is.

 July 25

July 26

 The Adenosine NOW Tweet pic

July 27

So Stellan goes from "it's bad, the family has been called in" and "Stellan is being airlifted to Boston" and "trying to not think about what happens if it's too late to go to Boston",to going home on August 3rd.
How do the McKinney's celebrate the "miracle boy" recovering? They go on vacation 2 days later! Without Stellan! Jennifer, Israel, and 3 of the kids go to California. A week after their child almost died?

Just some interesting statistics
On July 26, Mckmama sent out 29 Tweets 
On July 27, Mckmama sent out 34 Tweets
Over 15,000 followers commented on her Tweets
The ONLY person Mckmama responded to was Dr. Phil

I could go on and on, but it is literally making me sick. Again I ask, why in February is this all being brought up again? I have a feeling something BIG is coming!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Site Update

I am currently uploading Disqus onto the site. Unfortunately we are forced to have the 2012 platform, which includes the ability to vote up and down (likes on the old platform). I am looking for a way to disable this, but as of now have had no luck.
All old comments will be restored, I was told it may take up to 24 hours to have them all imported.
Thoughts on the visitor log on the right? Do we want it to stay or leave?

Please bare with me, this platform is totally new to me. There will be problems I'm sure, if you run into one please email me at and I will try to fix it.

If anyone is familiar with the new platform please feel free to email me some pointers :)

2/24 Update: All previous Disqus comments have finally been restored. Sorry it took so long, I had to do it three times before it took :/

Monday, February 18, 2013

The Great Xyng Purge of 2/2013

Health and Wellness? Excuse me while I go laugh my ass off. Yes looking at the pictures here and here Mckmama is so healthy and well!

After the kids toys were "purged" yet another new push for people to buy Xyng began. Of course there were a few people who question the ingredients, but have no fear Mckmama is here! With all the facts and info anyone needs to get started on Xyng.

Mary asks a good question, but of course she is shot down and set straight

Safe, and even helpful, for breastfeeding mama's!

So what is really in Xyng? Below are the ingredients and warning for Xyng, Accelerate, and Flush. Notice all 3 say NOT RECOMMENDED FOR BREAST FEEDING MOTHERS. Guarana extract and kola nut extract both contain caffeine, oolong tea generally contains caffeine and green tea extract may or may not have caffeine.



But I guess Mckmama knows best

***ETA CFD for current house can be seen HERE

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Emails From the Landlord

First let me say that this just an allegation. We are in no way saying that this is proof, or that Jennifer and Israel McKinney actually did any of these things. These are copied and pasted from a MWoPer's Google reader, which is why there is no name or email attached. These were originally posted on MWoP, but once again the original poster was chastised and the comments were deleted. So here they are, make of it what you will. I have no way of knowing if these are actually from the LL or not.
And Jennifer its, ahem, you're welcome!

1st email
Wed, Jan 11, 2012 at 1:19 PM
Woow, and that is putting it mildly.
I will notify the sheriff when he calls back.
I am extremely concerned for the kids.
NOW I see these kids as having been intentionally put in harms way and it would be a crime.
The figures that are on that finacial statement are questionable.
They claim utitily exspences and have not paid for the heat and any gas bills.
They have not paid rent.
Israel has been working too but not sure how his job a donnely plastic worked out.
He had just started the job in november when I had left for vacation.

With hindsight I see these kids now as being exploited.
On three occasions I had to send Mazy in the house to get clothes on.
I had told her to taken Collin in too.
I had made an extra effort to police the property for their safety sake.
I was then just so very upset when the kids were just out of control and left alone and were playing with nasty things. There was never any supervision.

But i had felt sympathy for them in the first weeks and had built them a chicken coup and then a pen outdoors too.
I had gotten them posts and wire for their goat pen too.
Trying to help them save a few bucks.

They borrowed my ATV,, tools,,and trailor,,, and boat to go fishing.
Taking full advantage.

She was looking for a blank check from me. too.
They had never intended on paying rent and the bills.
They will try to milk this until the sheriff moves them out.

BUT then turned suddenly ,,
and have made me the enemy with threats and harrasment.
I did not deserve this and it made no sense.
You have made sense of it.

I think they are trying to scam me and I will keep the sheriff posted of everything.
I am looking for an attorney to call in Minnesota too.

more when time permits

2nd email
Wed, Jan 11, 2012 at 9:27 AM
Thank you for this info.
I have been very suspicous of them for sometime.
It seamed like a scam.
I have not been told of their intent to take me to court.
I have given them 30 day eviction notice last week and contacted law enforcement..
I have learned they may have many other bills in the area.
They have made some cridical mistakes that they are not aware of.
If they have lied to the bankrupcy judge is a crime.
Their ship is sinking and they continue to poke more holes in it too.
How did you find my address?

ETA Newly added Email
Wed, Jan 11, 2012 at 12:06 PM

Hello, I just got back home and see you have replyed.
Thanks again for the heads up.

I could go on for sometime about this trainwreck of the McKinney.

They have not paid rent and they have not paid the utilities.
The home has gas heat and they have not paid for the gas for the past 4 or 5 months.
Not one bill has been paid.

They may have lied to the judge and made many false claims.

I have called ottertail county law enforcement.I have given them 30 day eviction notice.

I have informed them to my legal right and plan to move back into the home in February.
I have thought they were scamming me  and would not pay rent, run up the bills and then skip town when the sherrif arrives.
They have 5 small kids and are working the system. They are crooks in my book.
They are negeling the kids and exploiting them for benifets.
I had considered calling child protective services but that may be construded as vindictive. however the kids are in danger and not looked after and properly cared for. i had on a number of occasions wittnesed the kids out of doors without coats and hats and during very cold weather and the mother was not aware where the kids were and was leaving a one year old outdoors and unattended and there are many dangerous things on old farms that can seriously hurt kids. this was also seen by me as total neglect and i have been concerned they would attempt to scam insurance too. I had brough it to their attention that they are possibly feeding goat milk that is improperly handled and maybe contaminated too. If they are intentionly trying to harm the kids to get more bennifits and hand outs too this is a crime.  
Their attempt to get money 
from me I see as possible extortion.

Jennifer first started eluding to the bedbugs on December 30, 2011. Nice way to respond to kindness.

Then this was posted - 
And just because I can - I have to post this picture of goats in this poor mans farmhouse. 


There is now a Xyng Pictures page at the top of the site 


OK let's try this out. I will not moderate, I could care less what you say about her. I do have a few small requests-
1) Please no calling the kids names, like Kieran's teeth being gross or ugly. Saying they look dirty and/or disheveled is fine, but let's not make fun of children.
2) Feel free to debate each other, but do not flood my email asking me to delete things that you don't like the answers or responses to. I do not have the time or inclination to lay referee.
3) Swear all you like! Jen is a bitch, call it like you see it!
4) Have fun ☺

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Wordless Friday...

I have no words

Just a Couple of Pictures

This one is a new one that appeared on her special Xyngbat page

One she posted of herself today on Instagram, legs look awfully loooooooong

An oldie but oh such a goody!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Quit Your Job!

Yes everyone, quit your job so you can travel. 
Kids? Eh let the live-in "manny" deal with them.
Bills? Forget about those pesky things!
Judgement? What judgement?
But I get to travel, Look at ME ME ME ME. Be jealous of ME!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday 2/4 Update

Taxes are still unpaid (surprise, surprise, surprise) while Jen Jen is on a cruise. Enjoy the peace Richard....I mean Israel!
On a snarky note-

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Followers are just as horrible as she is

Check out how the loyal sheeple talk to a skin cancer victim, they are just as disgusting as she is.

Sorry You Can't Handle This

Time for some snark.....

Friday, February 1, 2013

Taxes Schmaxes

Hey Jen, a friendly reminder before your big cruise....You "forgot" to pay your taxes. Again.

I'm sure LaCrosse county just misunderstood