Monday, February 25, 2013

Rebirthday. Again.

On February 24, Mckmama put up this Facebook status 

Video link - 

Why now? Stellan's actual birthday is on October 29 and his "rebirthday" is November 9. Why in February is the Miracle Child card getting pulled? Probably to divert attention away from some impending drama, but watching that video actually made me nostalgic. 
I remember all the times I refreshed her blog, checked Twitter constantly, made Stellan name pictures, bought a damn giftcard and sent it to her, and constantly prayed for and thought about that little boy.
Those feelings of nostalgia quickly turned to anger when I decided to go back and reread the tweets from back then. I have screen copied them for you all, this crap right here is why I finally realized what a conniving, manipulative woman Jennifer McKinney is.

 July 25

July 26

 The Adenosine NOW Tweet pic

July 27

So Stellan goes from "it's bad, the family has been called in" and "Stellan is being airlifted to Boston" and "trying to not think about what happens if it's too late to go to Boston",to going home on August 3rd.
How do the McKinney's celebrate the "miracle boy" recovering? They go on vacation 2 days later! Without Stellan! Jennifer, Israel, and 3 of the kids go to California. A week after their child almost died?

Just some interesting statistics
On July 26, Mckmama sent out 29 Tweets 
On July 27, Mckmama sent out 34 Tweets
Over 15,000 followers commented on her Tweets
The ONLY person Mckmama responded to was Dr. Phil

I could go on and on, but it is literally making me sick. Again I ask, why in February is this all being brought up again? I have a feeling something BIG is coming!


  1. It's interesting to go back and read that stuff knowing everything we know now. Back then I still thought she was "off" and an attention whore, but it's truly disgusting once you understand what kind of a person she is and what her motivations were.

  2. I wish we could get a nurse to guest post and explain how that picture doesn't jive with her story.

  3. My husband is at a funeral right now. When he gets home I'll see if he can tell anything. He never works with kids but he has trauma, ICU, recovery, and med surg. He knows heart rhythms. The nurse in the ponytail is doing something with the IV. You can see the item in her hand. It does look like she is flushing the IV.

  4. I will guarantee she does not think that she did anything wrong. She DID say goodbye to S. He was going in for a procedure. She said goodbye baby see you in a little bit. She is the kind of person who would think that is your fault that you jumped to a conclusion. The fact that she never clarified when people took it the bad way is just a pesky detail...She was taking pictures, tweeting, and blogging because she wanted to help other parents who were going through it. Yea....that's....she was helping people. Why doesn't she respond to other parents struggling with a child's illness? OK, I got nothing for that one....but I am sure SHE would have a spin!!!!

  5. Although I find it reprehensible that they left Stellan behind two days after he came home, there was a valid reason for the time frame of that trip. Uncle Duke graduated from Marine boot camp and they went to CA for that reason.

  6. I had to miss my brothers marine boot camp graduation for reasons a lot less. He understood, and I'm sure uncle duke would have as well.

  7. He says that the pic does not show enough to really tell anything. He does think that ponytail is doing something with the IV. Perhaps flushing although that could be to clear the IV.

  8. Flawed like a Fucking OnionFebruary 27, 2013 at 11:39 AM

    Ugh. Reading it all as you have it laid out here just reminds me of what a disgusting person she is. We said goodbye to Stellan........that tweet was so terrible. She made so many people upset that day. She's an awful person.

  9. Flawed like a Fucking OnionFebruary 27, 2013 at 11:41 AM

    Yeah. My kid almost died or my BIL graduated from boot camp? Not even a choice. My kid wins. The end.

  10. That's the dumbest excuse ever. I'm pretty sure that Uncle Duke would have been so glad that Stellan was alive and that's probably the best graduation gift that kid could have gotten.

    My kid had surgery last spring, and while her life was never ever in danger, and she did amazingly well, she didn't leave my site for a week after. Because those scary few hours when she wasn't in my arms? And there were people literally in charge of keeping her ALIVE, scared the shit out of me. And then I took a look around at parents who honestly didn't know if they'd get to see their kid alive again? Please.

  11. And to that end, I am a nurse. And I can't imagine someone asking me to baby sit their kid two days after major heart surgery. especially one that had been "dying" a few weeks prior! I know what the hell to do, who did she leave him with? Were they qualified?

  12. Leaving this here in case Anja gets an itchy trigger finger again.

    More revelations from PR, who supplied the landlord emails posted earlier.

    "I still find it hilarious that she spun it like Izzy left her, when it was really the other way around. Hell, since the landlord was in California when the whole "Israel left the family" season took place, he sent his cousin over to the farm house to check on it. The cousin said that JM and her things were gone from the farm. No one was around there and the door was not locked. He thought Izzy might still have been staying there because there was a sleeping bag on the floor, toaster oven on the counter and a pile of trash in the middle of the room! She left the cats there too and the landlord's cousin planned on taking them food so they wouldn't starve. All of that happened the beginning of February 2012. What a difference a year makes, eh?"

  13. Interesting. What a bitch leaving the cats there to fend for themselves. I hate people who treat animals like garbage.

  14. LOL it's gone. Good thinking putting it here

  15. I'm not a nurse but a hospital pharmacy tech. IF they were giving adenosine there would have been a code team in there or at least a doctor. The doc is there to over see the fact you are giving a drug that is STOPPING the heart even for a second. That room would have been so full of nurses, techs, a crash cart, doctors, and possibly a pharmacist. The one time I saw it used on a patient outside of the ER, my pharmacist was there to watch since in my corner of the world we don't see it used that much. I could be wrong but I don't think you are supposed to push adenosine I think it's to be put in an IV drip. I could have adenosine and amioadrone confused in that aspect on route of administration.

  16. This is months after you posted this initially, but my son had (still has, actually) the same thing that Stellan had. He was given adenosine once and goatsintutusbalm is right - there was a crash cart there, doctors everywhere, and the entire NICU was frozen bc of all that was going on. I was sobbing into my mother's chest - not taking pictures. If I remember right, it was pushed into an IV he had, not a drip. It was done very quickly each time and was a HUGE deal. The fact that she was taking a photo at that moment makes me ill.

    I communicated with her before Stellan was even born - we communicated back and forth a few times, but as soon as she got "famous" I never heard from her again.

    My son is now seven and doing fine on meds. He has episodes now and again, but they are far from life threatening. He will have his oblation next summer at age eight.

    MckMama has made me very skeptical of human nature. And mommy photography.