Tuesday, December 17, 2019

A Christmas Story

Once upon a time, Jennifer and Israel McKinney owed Lee Youngman a bunch of money from when he did a whole lot of work for Israel and never got paid. He got a judgment against them in Minnesota. They ran away to Wisconsin after their house was foreclosed in Minnesota (and other sundry creditors were chasing after them). Mr. Youngman followed them to Wisconsin and got a judgment against them there.

Despite being a "million dollar earner" in Xyngular and claiming that they "paid all their debts" following a (failed, due to fraud) bankruptcy and finding the Xyngular opportunity that changed their lives...Jennifer still refused to pay that which she considered to be "Israel's debt" with "her" earnings. Such a pity Wisconsin is a marital property state and the debts of the spouse are your debts too.

So Mr. Youngman went to court once again to get another piece of paper that allowed him to take the property of the McKinneys to satisfy the judgment.

And earlier this year he took the Escalade and the Land Rover.

And they were sold.

So Jennifer had to buy a new Land Rover. And yes, she also bought that RV she bragged about over summer. I wonder if Mr. Youngman can get his hands on that?

Please note, I did not get this info on my own, it was sent to me by an anonymous source

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