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Open Post

Hey guys. A new post to restart comments. I want to take a minute to let you know that I am aware of the issues many are having with disqus. Currently I cannot even open the comment moderation dashboard. I get the following screen and the wheel spins and spins but doesn’t ever load. I have opened a ticket with support regarding this but so far no response. Also as a funny haha this is the message I get when I try to post.  Apparently I have banned myself lol. I’m sorry disqus is such a pain in the butt, but I remember the debacle of trying a different platform and realize it’s this or blogger comments.
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Getting Nervous Jenny?

 These were sent to me by someone who hasn’t spoken to Jennifer in years! You’re not getting nervous are you Jennifer? I mean you’re a millionaire who should have no issue coming up with your monthly payments. Right?

Bankruptcy Season Part 2 (or would it be considered 3?)

 I want to give many MANY thanks to Tracy at fraud files for breaking down this information. I looked at the documents and understood nothing. Please visit her site to fully comprehend just how screwed Jennifer and Israel McKinney actually are… This picture posted by ohmywhatafixsheisin is what I imagine Jennifer’s face looking like when she reads over at fraud files just how screwed she is. And I’m here for it!

Contempt of Court in Divorce Proceedings

 Well looky what was just sent to me. Seems our favorite couple of degenerates still feel laws don’t apply to them. I am assuming it’s Izzy in contempt for not completing the parenting class, even Jennifer managed to do it (or her sooper amazing assistant). Could be why Jenny is now playing up her mothering hero skills, showing how crappy izzhole is. 

Divorce Season

 I got a very interesting email tip this morning, seems our friend filed for divorce on 5/25. I have been refreshing the court website and it just popped up in confirmation. I was also told she has an apartment in lacrosse, guess that’s where she goes while Israel is at the house with the kids.