Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Check-In

Just a quick note to say we have added an Instagram page. It will be updated daily with pictures as they are posted.
We are throwing around ideas for new commenting formats, any suggestions please feel free to email
We now have an official Mckfacts email (don't forget the dot!)
We leave you with a funny picture that Ding Dong from MWoP made-

Have a great weekend!


  1. Why are y'all so worried about this woman? Wouldn't it help if you minded yor own business? You are bullying an adult woman!!!! Great thing to teach children! She will get what's comig to her, if this is all true! Grow up!

    1. How, exactly, would "minding our own business" help the fact that this woman has scammed some of us out of money? People that were often emotionally invested in her child's medical condition?

      I DO FIND IT MY BUSINESS when dishonest, irresponsible fools lie to a US bankruptcy court to try and discharge $750,000 of debt on the tax paying citizens of the USA (me, and you. Unless you happen to be an asshole like Jennifer McKinney).

      I DO FIND IT MY BUSINESS when Jennifer and Israel McKinney default on 4 houses and SCREW their neighbors with property values in the toilet because of their shenanigans.

      I DO FIND IT MY BUSINESS when the McKinneys don't pay their employees and run up utility bills, that they don't pay, in their land lords name.

      How about YOU mind YOUR BUSINESS and we will continue to call this dishonest, scam artist, out on her plagiarism, half truths and flat out lies. If you're the kind of person that supports and blindly follows worthless scum bags like Jennifer Howe Sauls McKinney - you're as bad as she is.

      Also, you don't sound like the sharpest tool in the shed with your arguments of "Grow up" and "Great thing to teach children"...what the fuck are you even talking about? Neither of those comments make a lick of sense.

  2. Can I ask why this woman isn't in jail?? Don't know a lot about her, but it sure sounds like she should be locked up for all the fraud she's committed?

    1. That's the 750,000 dollar question....