Friday, June 29, 2018


Newest caring bridge by Her Heinous states L may need surgery for his VERY serious sleep apnea. Please tell me why she is so damn giddy over medical conditions for her kids? It completely disgusts me.
Journal entry by Jennifer McKinney — 1 hour ago
 Today was a big day for little Lachlan!!

He was first diagnosed with Pseudotumor Cerebri a couple months ago, when the pressure inside his head was measured at 36 when normal is between 8 and 15.  The doctors in Boston were able to lower his pressure then to a 27. 

Today he had a procedure at our local hospital, and it went very well!  His neurologist here was able to reduce the pressure in his brain down to a 9!!  It’s not likely that the number will stay low, as spinal fluid regenerates itself rather quickly, but it’s giving us some answers about what might possibly help for Lachlan long-term!

 Right now our little guy is resting. He woke up very well from anesthesia, but it might be a couple hours until we get a clear picture of how exactly his head feels better today.  When they lowered his pressure to a 27 in Boston, it did not help his headache at all. We will see!

All of the tests on his spinal fluid today have already come back clear, with the exception for Lyme which they tested for again just in case. We do not have the results of that one yet. 

 Surprisingly, Lachlan also has V E R Y severe sleep apnea we just learned.  To the tune of stopping breathing or having shallow breathing episodes 76 times in one hour! I’m the one who pushed for a sleep study, but I’m still surprised at the results. I have researched everything under the sun that could possibly cause his high brain pressures, and sleep apnea was one of them.  We may be inching closer to an answer!!

 Right now, the doctors are recommending surgery for his sleep apnea, but we will meet more specifically with ENT soon. Obviously, a CPAP machine maybe used additionally or instead. That all remains to be decided and determined. 

 Overall we are very pleased with how today has gone, and even got the mogst amazing toy  from the Child Life Specialist for how well he did today. ❤️

 Thank you all for your prayers !!! 

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