Thursday, November 30, 2017

Same Sh*t Different WEEK!

So we are what 2 or 3 weeks into this mess? And needless to say they will remain in Boston. This totally smells of running from something- losing another house? Separation/Divorce season? Another bankruptcy attempt? Whatever it is Jennifer you are a disgusting human being. Get yourself some help!

So to lighten up my foul mood that she has put me in let’s play a guessing game…

Thanks to putaforkinme for the idea, let’s make our best guesses-

So what is next....
1) Complete blow off with random new pics in West Salem of Christmas decor, chore cards or spelling bee practice?
2) Full out victimization of healthcare system and how poor Lachlan has been suffering all weeks and no one can figure out how to handle his very rare situation?
3) it’s a Miracle once again!!! God saved Lachlan and he didn’t need surgery once and for all! He sneezes hard one day and the massss blew right out his sinus passages! God loves me most twice!!
4) flys to Hawaii to celebrate post surgery success no further mention
5) or starts talking about how expensive living in a hotel in Boston and cue the donation requests...

6)???.... what else???

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