Tuesday, October 31, 2017

A Breeding Ground For Scammers

This will come to no surprise to many of you, but M3 is Missy Maw from awhile ago. In all honesty, my memory from that drama infused debacle is not good. I guess I didn’t realize that MM had changed her name to M3 and resumed posting. Back when that screen name was being questioned several readers (including Roobii) messaged me with doubts about other personal things that she was saying.  A small refresher, the Missy Maw drama occurred in February 2015-
  • ·         Banjo mom/Boston Ben received a package from someone who it turned out to be a PO box belonging to Missy Maw
  • ·         Upon doing a bunch of investigating over 2 years ago, the email address used for the Missy Maw account was found to have a HUGE online presence, all with different stories and all completely drama infused
  • ·         Missy Maw had two Facebook profiles that were used to talk with MWoPer’s and there were 6 Instagram accounts found linked to that email

·         There was a ton of discussion/drama/etc regarding the death of Missy Maw’s son, back then I was sent information that did not add up to what she was saying to me, but I didn't feel it was right to post on the blog about it.

Now this is where I totally go blank, I cannot remember how or if she was asking for money, and if yes how we learned about it. I have gone through my old emails and found nothing. I did however learn that this mess escalated into my spending entirely too much time on the computer investigating screen names to see if they were fake or not. So that is what my swiss cheese memory is.

Now onto the present.  M3 commented that Jennifer McKinney sent her a message on Facebook about being “puffy” and that she didn’t want her to be seen as a cancer victim looking for money. Of course this resulted in a huge fiasco of people (myself included) getting angry and posting things about Jennifer being a fat scamming loser. Well some people asked for screenshots, as the original message was just copy and paste.

M3 went on to claim she didn’t know how to delete names out of a screenshot, but eventually posted the following “screen shots”-

Notice there are no names blackened out?

Well we have a lot, a lot of sleuths here at MckFacts, and look what one of them discovered-

 This “Jennifer McKinney” profile has 1 friend, Debbie Hicks. The profile picture was changed 20 hours ago. And finally, “Jennifer” lives in Bakersfield CA, where Debbie Hicks AKA Missy Maw AKA M3 live. Now I am blocked from the actual Jennifer McKinney Profile, but I am pretty certain that she doesn't live in CA and has more than 1 friend!

I also have at least 5 court cases to sift through, but current court cases are in Monterey County, CA case # SS160455A and #MS338394A they are public information there is nothing confidential. However I will let you know they are mail fraud, identity theft, and check fraud.

Lastly there is a document I have, but cannot upload here as it is incredibly long, showing In Clark County (Las Vegas) there is a case that involves Deborah Hicks, Enrique xxx, Norman Hicks and others.  Deborah started a medical supply company but she used HIPPA information from another employer (the one who sued her in the case) to start her customer base.  She was the only one with access to the private medical information so she could call the customers and offer better service and prices with her stolen information.  They lost and had to pay a lot of money.

I have a ton more evidence, A TON MORE. However this readers husband is tired of being dragged through the mud. In fact he has said how upset it makes him to think people think he was that abusive fireman Banjo Mom/Boston Ben talked about so often.  There are also children to think about.

I also have a list of PO Boxes that are linked to M3/Missy Maw. Anyone who sent anything to the “abusive fireman’s victim” several years ago please let me know, I can provide you with a list of those boxes to prove that this scam goes as far back to Banjo mom and Boston Ben. I fully believe they are the same person.

I thought long and hard about using names in this post, in the end I decided that I will not allow this blog to become a place for scammers worse than JM to look for victims.

So Debbie-don’t email me anymore. You are banned from this blog. If you create a new screen name someone WILL figure it out and you will be banned again. And thanks for making me feel guilty for the comment I put up towards Jennifer. You are 10000000000 times worse than she, which I never thought was possible.

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