Thursday, September 14, 2017

Poor, Poor Jennifer

The following is an except from Xyngular's website -

Yet Jennifer McKinney claims she has been "sick" for 28 days. Enduring 4 surgeries/procedures, unable to get out of bed.

Yet a commenter saw the lying liar who lies just yesterday getting into her tacky Escalade

So I am confused. What terrible illness does Xyngular NOT cure? I thought they were the miracle drugs that cured all? Or is this just a way for you to not only garner attention/sympathy whilst making your "team" feel the need to push these miraculous drugs on people so you can sit on your ample ass on your iEverything?

Sorry Jennifer you will get no sympathy from me. None. Not when I have read comments about actual suffering that people endure. You don't want to complain, yet you do...

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